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Keckler’s is the best piano tuning service in the area.  Larry Keckler has been working with pianos since 1962 and can service and tune your piano to the level needed.  We can setup up tuning visits or have you on a regularly scheduled plan depending on the usage of your piano and/or the condition it’s in.

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Common Questions

How often should I tune my piano?

Your piano is an investment in your future. It can bring you and your family a lifetime of music and should be maintained with the utmost care. Regular servicing by a qualified technician will preserve your instrument and help you avoid costly repairs in the future. Because your piano contains materials such as wood and felt, it is subject to change with climatic conditions.

Extreme swings from hot to cold or dry to wet cause its materials to swell and contract, affecting tone, pitch, and action response or touch. Every piano requires a different level of maintenance, depending upon the quality of materials used and the design and level of craftsmanship. Manufacturers can provide general advice on tuning frequency but your technician can give specific recommendations based upon your usage and locale.